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Geocoder is an example Microsoft® Access® database that shows how to use the Google Geocoding API (V3) and an internet connection to convert addresses in your database into latitude and longitude values in preparation for displaying those address locations on a Google Map. Displaying address locations on a map is a great way to geographically and visually enhance your Access application.

With Geocoder you can:

  • Convert an address into latitude and longitude values.
  • Convert a list of addresses.
  • Learn to call internet services from your Access application and interpret results.
  • Prepare your database to incorporate the Google Maps API.

Geocoder consists entirely of VBA code so it is easy to distribute with your Access application.

See a screenshot.


Download (63kb) - For Access 2000 and later

v1.4 - Windows 8 compatibility fix: Replaced reference to "Microsoft XML 6.0" with "Microsoft XML 3.0"

v1.3 - Fixed problem that prevented successful geocoding when decimal separator was something other than ".".

v1.2 - Includes a "wait" function to comply with the Google-enforced request rate limit.

v1.1 - Includes a fix for routine that checks for the presence of an internet connection.

v1.0 - This version is entirely new.


Double-click on the downloaded zip file to open it, then double-click on the readme.txt file inside and follow the instructions contained within to install this application on your computer.

See the included readme.txt file or help file for further instructions on application usage.

Technical Support

For technical support for this application, please send an e-mail message to:








You can use Multi-Location Mapper to display latitude and longitude co-ordinates as pin points on a Google Map.