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Microsoft Access Add-in - LetterMerger

LetterMerger is an add-in for Microsoft® Access® that allows you to merge your data with letter templates that your users can create and modify. Intended as an alternative to the Microsoft® Word mail merge tool, LetterMerger makes it easy to print and maintain form letters, and envelope addresses from Access without relying on an external word processor.

Now supports Access 2010!

With LetterMerger you can:

  • Create letter templates by inserting record source field names into letter text
  • Link letter templates to Access tables or queries
  • Preview or Print merged letters and envelopes from main form
  • Preview or Print merged letters directly using supplied function
  • Take advantage of included sample business letters
  • Developers: Let users maintain the text of their own letter templates

See a screenshot.


Download - trial version for Access 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000, and 97 (1928 KB)

v2.6 - Access 2010 64-bit compatibility bug fixes, misc bug fixes.

v2.5 - Additional information included in a common error message, registration problem that affected non-source code version on Windows Vista/7 fixed.

v2.4 - Access 2010 64-bit Support. Fixed bug that sometimes inserted field within html tags or in wrong position.

v2.3 - Access 2010 Support. Allows for printing envelopes in center tray position.

v2.2 - Includes code to convert letters table from v1 to v2 format. Fixes error 13 that appeared when an old version letters table was present

v2.1 - Fix for bug in Access 2007 that prevented fields from being inserted into the RTF letter text at the cursor position.

v2.0 - Includes Access 2007 support, rich text support (in Access 2007), multi-page letters and more.

v1.3 - Includes ability to preview or print envelopes directly, misc bug fixes


Double-click on the downloaded zip file to open it, then double-click on the setup.exe file inside and follow the instructions on the screen to install this application on your computer.

Please see the included readme.txt file or help file for further instructions on application usage.

Technical Support

For LetterMerger technical support, please see the LetterMerger FAQ page, or send an e-mail message to:


LetterMerger Pricing
LetterMerger for Access 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000, and 97
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  • 1-5 Licenses
  • 6-20 Licenses
  • 21-100 Licenses
  • Unlimited, Royalty-Free Distribution License w/Src
  • Upgrade from 1-5 Licenses to Unlimited, Royalty-Free Distribution License w/Src
  • Licensing Information

    A license covers the use of LetterMerger on one computer within your company.

    With the unlimited, royalty-free distribution license, you may incorporate the LetterMerger database objects and code into any number of applications that you develop for distribution inside or outside of your company.


    Prices are subject to change without notice.


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    1/5/13 - Fix version 2.6 released

    10/30/10 - Fix version 2.5 released

    9/7/10 - Version 2.4 released. Supports Access 2010 64-bit, includes bug fixes.

    7/22/10 - Version 2.3 released. Supports Access 2010.

    9/10/09 - Version 2.2 released with code to convert from v1 to v2.

    8/31/09 - Fix version 2.1 released.

    8/24/09 - Version 2.0 released.