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Sortable Listbox Example

A nice way to enhance your application is to give your users the ability to sort the contents of listboxes. If you have a listbox with many records, this feature could be much appreciated. It's easy to manipulate the listbox RowSource property to accomplish this. A command button could be used to add an "Order By" clause to the SQL statement, and once the RowSource property is updated, the list is automatically sorted.


Download - For Access 97, 2000, 2002/XP, 2003 (80kb)


Double-click the downloaded zip file to open it, then extract the .mdb file corresponding to your Access version to a folder on your computer. Double-click the extracted .mdb file to see the demo.

Please see the included readme.txt file or help file for further instructions on application usage.

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You can use Selector to easily create sortable, searchable listboxes for record selection prior to opening a form.