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Access String Functions

Access String Functions are a collection of useful VBA string manipulation functions that you can use in your Microsoft® Access® application. Included are functions to find the last word in as string, find a substring, replace all occurrences of one string with another, pad left, pad right, and more.

Do you have a useful string function to share? Send it to us, and I'll include it in the StrFn3 database!


Download - 83kb - For Access 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000 and 97.


Double-click the downloaded zip file to open it, then extract the .mdb file that corresponds to your version of Access to a folder on your computer.

To use Access String Functions with your Access application:

1. Import the "basStrFn" module from the Access String Functions .mdb file into your application.
2. For examples of how to use the string functions, please see the subroutine entitled "examples" in the "basStrFn" module.

Technical Support

For technical support for this application, please send an e-mail message to:







What they are saying

"You are a life saver! Your string functions helped to preserve my sanity."
- Deborah Buck