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TableLinker Lite

TableLinker Lite for Microsoft Access is an Access form that you can import into your Access application front-end to provide simple linked table management capabilities. TableLinker Lite allows you to easily link your front-end Access database to all of the tables in an Access back-end database. Additionally, TableLinker Lite will let you specify alternate back-ends to link to in case the first back-end database is not found. This allows you to automatically relink tables when moving your front-end database from a production environment to a test or development environment, and back again.

It's easy to add into your new or existing applications. Just import the TableLinker Lite form into your applicaiton front end, and open it to begin adding your backend file locatons. Open the form hidden during application startup to relink your tables.


Download (110kb) - For Access 2000 and later.

v2.1 - Support for more than one concurrently linked back-end by copying form "frmTLLTableLinkerLite"

v2.0 - Password-protected database backends supported.

v1.1 - This version is brand new.


The file at the link above contains a database with the TableLinker Lite form. Import this form into your application database, open it to add your backend file locations, then open the form in hidden mode from your startup, or autoexec procedure with the "LinkTables;Turbo" OpenArgs parm, and your application will automatically relink tables each time it opens!

See the included readme.txt file or help file for further instructions on application usage.

Technical Support

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You can use TableLinker to handle your more advanced table linking needs.