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Table Record Maintenance

Download - 85kb - For Access 97 (Can be converted to Access 2000/DAO 3.6)

Table Record Maintenance is a freeware Microsoft® Access® module that contains a re-usable utility subroutine as an example to help developers with table record updates. The subroutine "ng_TableRecordMaintenance" can be used as an ad-hoc table record add/update/delete routine, or as the center of an application's record maintenance procedure. Using this routine will eliminate the time-consuming effort of re-creating table record update routines each time they are needed.

The subroutine contains the code to open master table, and transaction table record sets, initiate the transaction table processing loop, update the status bar, update like-named master table record fields, write out error records, commit/rollback record changes, display results, clean up variables, and close tables. You can use generic add/update/delete code (included) or create your own unique add/update/delete code section by editing the subroutine's "Select Case" clause.





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