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Do you have contacts to track, events to manage, inventory to count, orders to process? A Microsoft Access database application can help you with these tasks and more. Perhaps you need to streamline your office workflow, or maybe that Excel spreadsheet has finally become too complicated to handle? Or maybe you are a new Access developer and you need some help getting started, or you are stuck on a particular problem?

We can help!

At Peter's Software, we specialize in developing and troubleshooting custom Access database applications that serve a wide variety of businesses and purposes. You can even outsource the job of maintaining your Access databases to us for a low semi-annual fee. With remote connection technology, we can provide Access database support to your business located anywhere in the world!

Here's a list of just some of the services we offer:

  • Complete maintenance and development outsourcing worldwide
  • Complete analysis, design, development and deployment of a new custom Access database to fit your business needs
  • Conversion from Excel, or anything else to Microsoft Access
  • Conversion from Microsoft Access to anything else.
  • Conversion from earlier Microsoft Access versions to Access 2010 or 2013
  • Conversion of VBA modules to Microsoft Access 64-bit versions
  • Upsize Access database to Office 365 cloud-based backend
  • Upsize Access database to SQL Server
  • Troubleshoot and repair database design
  • Troubleshoot and repair problematic error messages
  • Troubleshoot and repair recurring corruption issues
  • Improve the performance of slow databases
  • Redesign menus, forms and reports to fit your business workflow
  • Create new menus, forms and reports to make your job easier and save you time

Your initial consultation is free - just send us an e-mail with a description of your business or programming needs and let us suggest solutions. Contact us today!