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Tip: Use Windows System Colors For Your Forms:

By setting your Microsoft® Access® form colors to the Windows system color IDs, your application will match the Windows color scheme! Then, if a user wants to change the colors of your application, they can do so by going to Control Panel>Display>Appearance.

System Color Display Utility
Download - For Access 97, Access 2000, and Access 2002/XP (100kb)

The system colors are as follows:

Color ID... Color Description
----------- -----------------

-2147483648 Scroll bar
-2147483647 Desktop
-2147483646 Active window title bar
-2147483645 Inactive window title bar
-2147483644 Menu bar
-2147483643 Window
-2147483642 Window frame
-2147483641 Menu Text
-2147483640 Window Text (*)
-2147483639 Title bar text
-2147483638 Active window border
-2147483637 Inactive window border
-2147483636 Application background
-2147483635 Highlight
-2147483634 Highlight Text
-2147483633 3-D face (**)
-2147483632 3-D shadow
-2147483631 Dimmed (disabled) text
-2147483630 Button Text
-2147483629 Inactive window title bar text
-2147483628 3-D highlight (***)
-2147483627 3-D dark shadow
-2147483626 3-D light
-2147483625 ToolTip Text
-2147483624 ToolTip background

-2147483621 Active window title bar color2

* - I use this for text box fore colors (i.e. font color)
** - " Form detail backcolor and disabled text box back color
*** - " Label text




You can use Button Painter to add attractive gradient colors to Access command buttons.

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