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VelociTab is a class module for Microsoft® Access® that will automatically late bind any controls on non-visible tab control pages. Late binding of controls on tab control pages results in faster loading forms. This utility allows you to automatically late bind controls by simply adding 3 lines of code to your form OnOpen event procedure.

The code saves control properties for all controls on tab control pages, then removes those properties for controls that are not visible, making them unbound. When the tab page is activated, the control properties are restored.

See Luke Chung's article at for more information about late binding controls.


Download (169kb) - For Access versions 97 and later.

v2.0 - Supports all controls on tab pages, not just subforms. Made into a class module.

v1.0 - This version is entirely new.


Double-click on the downloaded zip file to open it, then double-click on the readme.txt file inside and follow the instructions contained within to install this application on your computer.

See the included readme.txt file or help file for further instructions on application usage.

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You can use VelociForm to quickly open a form based on a table definition.